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Embrace the histogram

Let’s say we are comparing two suppliers of some service to our business – any service: Temp Labor, Facilities Management, Security, IT, etc. One important measure is each supplier’s hourly rate. This may vary based on the seniority and skills … Continue reading

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Simplicity: the missing ingredient in most presentations

“I like it….but it looks like there’s not enough words on the page.” So said a participant in one of my recent Presentation Writing workshops as he studied my suggested improvements to a PowerPoint slide that was originally overrun with … Continue reading

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Better Decision Making

The quality of a decision depends on the information available at the time of the decision, not the actual outcome that occurs later. As long as we decide consistent with our values, given what we know at the time, we’ve … Continue reading

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Picking the right chart

Selecting the right chart type and designing it well is essential in clearly communicating our analytical findings. I’m Captain Obvious, yes, I know. But we often get this wrong. Last week I came across the following chart in a Wall … Continue reading

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