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“…but if I leave that data out, I get….”

As March draws to a close, so do my posts on histograms. There are two important benefits of using histograms still to cover. The first is in identifying extreme data. Histograms help us quickly see these points – and the … Continue reading

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The histogram – the honey badger of statistical tools

I’ve dedicated my posts this month to showing you why the histogram is the Honey Badger of statistical tools. The histogram looks deep into our data, helping us see patterns, raise probing questions and identify causal relationships. One of the … Continue reading

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Histograms – the findings aren’t always so obvious

In each of my last two posts, I showed how histograms help identify distinct subgroups in our data, focus our analysis, and produce more powerful findings. I used real-world examples, but made-up data. Why? Because real-world data is messy, often … Continue reading

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Remember: March is “Hug a Histogram” month

In my last post I extolled the virtues of the histogram and proclaimed March “Hug a Histogram” month. It seems only fitting then that I dedicate another post or two to the benefits of using histograms – and the costs … Continue reading

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