Presentations are the primary means by which we communicate and make our most critical business decisions. We use them to sell to customers, to deliver key recommendations, and share progress on high priority initiatives. In short, presentations matter.

Yet so many of them lack the directness, clarity and simplicity essential to effective communication. The result is wasted time, misunderstanding, poor decision making and lost opportunity. Presentations really do matter!

Our course in Presentation Development remedies these issues with a simple three step process that embraces the fundamentals of good writing and design. We use tons of real world examples to reinforce key concepts and the most relevant material of all – your presentations – in our exercises to make the most of the learning opportunity.

Let's cure Death by Powerpoint together!

Free Downloads

10 Commitments of Exceptional Presenters
(Post it in your office – and live by it!)
  Presentation Planning Guide
(A planning tool for creating Exceptional Presentations)
Presentation Exercise Book
(Sample presentation pages for you to practice improving (solutions included))
  Presentation Charting Tool
(A large collection of clean, consistent, ready-to-go charts)

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