Hi, I'm Gary Thompson, the founder and owner of Quo Vadis.

If you'd like to learn more about me, feel free to download my professional highlights here, or better yet, speak to my clients – I'll happily connect you.

Unlike most About pages, this isn't about me, but about you.

Here's what it's really About …
  • I understand you are unique
  • I promise to customize every program to your specific needs
  • I understand you are extremely busy
  • I promise to make every minute of every program time well spent
  • I understand you learn best by doing
  • I promise to develop highly relevant exercises so you can practice what you learn
  • I understand the classroom is only a first step in learning
  • I promise to inspire you to use what you learn beyond the classroom, and to help you do so
  • I understand you work hard for your money
  • I promise to deliver exceptional quality at a fair price; if you aren't completely thrilled, my services are free
  • I understand my success depends on your success
  • I promise to do everything in my power to bring about the behavioral change and results you require
  • I understand it's About you, not me
  • I promise!